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Rayann's Church Furnishings, altars, baptisteries, baptistry, choral risers,  portable stages,  portable stage, riser, baptistry heater, chairs, choir chairs, church accessories, church chairs, church furniture, church signs, communion rails, communion tables, crosses, cupola, folding chairs, folding tables, kneelers, pews, pulpit furniture, pulpits, risers, signs, steeples, used pews, wall cross
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Fiberglass Baptisteries, General Information

Baptistery Models, Dry Minister Baptistery, Portable Baptistery

Pre-Plumbed Baptistery

Baptistery Accessories, Heaters, Drain and Overflow, Drip Landing, Adult Seat/Child Step, Hand Rail

Baptistery Colors

Baptistery Installation Methods

Baptistery Wall Crosses

Baptistery Pricing

Baptistery Options and Accessories Pricing

Baptistery Wall Cross Pricing

Church Furniture

Acrylic Church Furniture

Acrylic Church Pedestals, Tables, Podiums,
Page 1

Acrylic Church Pedestals, Tables, Podiums,
Page 2

Acrylic Church Pedestals, Tables, Podiums,
Page 3

Acrylic Church Pedestals, Tables, Podiums, Acrylic and Wood Church Podiums, Page 4

Custom Engraved and Silk Screened Acrylic Church Furniture, Chairs, Church Literature Holders, Church Sign Holders

Acrylic Church Furniture Price Sheet

Church Furnishings Corp.

Fully Upholstered Padded Pew

Pew Ends, Traditional Ends, Cantilevered Ends, Waterfall Ends, Colonial Ends, Pew Edge Routings

Pew Accessories, Bookrack, Card, Pencil, Cup Holder

Communion Tables


Offering Tables, Flower Stands, Tithe Boxes

Lecterns, Table Top Bible Stands, Guest Register, Lectern Stand

Pulpit Chairs, Communion Chairs, Choir Chairs, Side Chairs, Center Chairs

Prayer Kneelers, Baptismal Fonts, Wooden Crosses

Furniture Fabric Samples, Upholstery Samples

Stain Samples for Wood Church Furniture

Flexible Seating

About Carstone Seating

Sanctuary Seating, Page 1

Sanctuary Seating, Page 2

Sanctuary Seating, Page 3

The Right Way to Make a Chair, Page 1

The Right Way to Make a Chair, Page 2

Fellowship Seating, Page 1

Fellowship Seating, Page 2

Classroom Seating

Seating Accessories and Options

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs, General Information

Superior Construction, Construction Information and Features, Cabinet and Cowling Colors

The Signal and Century Illuminated Signs

Letter Sets for Illuminated Signs and Church Road Signs

Large Modern Church Signs, Options, Sign Face Colors

Illuminated Church Sign Sizes

Light Fixtures

Church Lighting Fixture Types, General Information

Jefferson Lighting, General Information, Options

Church Lighting Accessories, Flood and Spot Lights, Winches, Finishes, Panels

Montpelier Series, Chandeliers, Wall Sconces

Rockbridge Series, Pendant Chandeliers, Lights, Sconces

Cape Henry Series, Pendant Lights, Chandeliers, Sconces

Independence Series Chandeliers
Krinklglas®, Stained Glass and Murals


Krinklglas® Murals for Windows, Doors, Entryways, Custom Artwork, General Information

Krinklglas® Panel Options, Debossing, Artwork, Memorials and Dedications

Krinklglas® Benefits

Krinklglas® Specialty Patterns

Krinklglas® Traditional Multicolors

Krinklglas® Traditional Single Colors

Krinklglas® Installation Instructions

Krinklglas® Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions

Krinklglas® Characteristics

Krinklglas® Technical Data, CSI Guide Specifications

Krinklglas® Special Notes and Conditions, How to Order, Explanation of Colors and Patterns, Other Prices, Area Per Crate

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Windows, General Information, Custom Designs

Stained Glass Window Designs, Customizing

Stained Glass Window Medallions, Life of Christ Designs, Religious Designs

Baptistery Scenes and Murals

Backlit Baptistery Scenes and Murals

Frequently Asked Questions About Baptistery Scenes and Murals

Steeples and Cupolas


Steeples and Cupolas, General Information

Ambassador Series Steeples

Architectural Series Steeples

Beacon Series Steeples

Premier Series Steeples

Custom Steeples

Crosses, Steeple Crosses, Wall Crosses, Free Standing Crosses

Steeple Pricing

Steeple Options Pricing

Cross Pricing


Cupolas, General Information, Custom Designs, Models

Cupola Pricing, Cupola Options Pricing

Other Information

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