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Krinklglas by Dimension, Krinkleglas, Krinkleglass, Krinkle Glass
... for your windows and doors

Beauty bullet Strength bullet Security
for Every Church Budget

Proven durability for over a quarter-century

Christ in Garden Krinklglas MuralKrinkglas® by Dimensional® is a stained glass alternative and is useful for windows, baptistries, and light boxes. It is gorgeous artwork to beautify your church. It is much cheaper than stained glass and much easier to care for. It is long-lasting and economical. Krinklglas® can create or duplicate your design and match any color. Your imagination alone determines the limitations.

Choose a section menu bar to the left of this page and browse around our Krinklglas® and stained glass pages. We will have something you need for your church.

If you don't see anything you like, email us and let us see if we can help.

Krinklglas® Murals

Krinkglas® murals are custom made to any customer design, color, and sizing needs. You get the look of stained glass with the durability and economy of Krinkglas®.

Click on pictures below for larger views.

Last Supper Krinklglas Mural
Last Supper Mural

Christ's Baptism Krinklglas Mural
Christ's Baptism Mural
Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane Krinklglas Mural
Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane Mural
Jesus with Lambs Krinklglas Mural
Jesus with Lambs Mural

Christ Baptismal Mural
Christ Baptismal Mural

Krinklglas® for Windows, Doors, and Entryways

Krinklglas® is perfect for new churches, remodeling or adding color, insulation and privacy. Krinklglas® can be added to existing plain glass windows... without replacing them!

Krinklglas DoorwayKrinklglas WindowsKrinklglas Gate
Click on pictures for larger views

Custom Artwork

Use Krinklglas® custom artwork services to create images combined with colorful free-form or geometric patterns. For churches, temples, shrines, chapels... your choice!

Rayann's Church Furnishings is an authorized Krinklglas® seller. Krinklglas® is also referred to as Krinkleglas, Krinkleglass, or Krinkle Glass.

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