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Baptistery Installation Methods

General Baptistery Installation Method

Window Installation Methods Below

To insure years of trouble free service, your Baptistery (Baptistry) needs proper support. With general carpentry skills and the diagrams below, installation should be completed with relative ease. For the installation of the heating and plumbing kits, refer to the manufacturers installation guides.

General Baptistery (Baptistry) Installation Methods

General Baptistery (Baptistry) Installation Methods General Baptistery (Baptistry) Installation Methods

Baptistery Window Installation Method

Baptistery (Baptistry) Window Installation Method

1.) All Baptistery (Baptistry) windows are tapered. Measure the top edge of the window from inside the channel. Measure the bottom edge of the window from inside the channel.

2.) With the protective paper left on the window, use a pencil to mark where the measurements taken from #1 are.

3.) With a jig saw or other cutting tool, cut the window to size. Rounding the bottom corners will assist in seating the window.

4.) With the caulking provided, place a 1/8 bead inside the channel.

5.) Remove the protective paper from the window and position the window inside the channel. Gently press on the top edge of window to seat it in the channel.

6.) Caulk both the inside and outside edge of the window to complete the sealing process.

7.) Allow 24 hours before filling the Baptistery with water.

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